Goodfellows was started in 1995 by Jerry Mooers. He felt a need to keep retirees in contact with other co-workers after he retired. It started out with just all retired members of DEA and then spread to active members.

It was based on the concept that we were all a family that worked together. Each had our separate tasks. The family consisted of: Special Agents, Compliance Investigators, Chemists, Intelligence Analysts, Secretaries, Technical Groups, Evidence Custodians and Receptionists. They all worked together to perform a better job.

He was a happy employee and thus enjoyed working with almost all employees. Thus he desired to keep in touch with them after retirement. He started it with about 25 retirees in Arizona and added all the Chicago and Hammond employees that he had e-mail addresses for. It is now approaching 1000 members.

In Chicago during the late 1970’s every agent carried a list of names and phone numbers to call in case of problems with group members. In the event the list was lost, it was called Goodfellows. That became the name of the group when Mooers put it together.

The membership was and is still free with no dues or cost to the members involved. He purchased a mailer program in 1995 for $100 and then rented space on the internet and recorded the website domain name: “Goodfellows”.

Everything that was sent to him, i.e. pictures or memorabilia, he would put up on this website. The Los Angeles Chapter of AFFNA sent him $250.00 in March of 2007 with an awards plaque for the work done. The website was transfered to a new webmaster, Tony Romano, in June of 2010 and at that time John Phillips donated $100 and John Nattinger donated money to help keep the website and group going.