Dear Colleagues:

On behalf of Goodfellows I would like to welcome you to our new Web Site. There have been some problems getting it going but hopefully that is all behind us. We hope that you visit us often and that you give us your very valuable input to help improve this site and continue to make it the best of its kind.

This site reflects what can be done when members put their collective minds and efforts together for a common cause. The Internet is not only the information highway, but the road for our members to make themselves more productive and knowledgeable. We urge you to use this valuable tool.

We are looking forward to helping you stay in touch, and to provide you with new tools, such as this website, and to listen to and solicite any suggestions you might have to improve our overall effectiveness. And to those of you that aren’t members yet and qualify we urge you to join our family – Its free.

Best wishes to each of you and may this year be one of the most rewarding in your careers.

Jerry Mooers
Keeper of the Flame